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Medcalf: Everything is relative

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Medcalf: Everything is relative. The legacy has helped Kentucky recruit some of the top players in America, which has eased the pursuit of championships. But I covered Tubby Smith's tenure at Minnesota after he left Kentucky. One story he shared always stood out. After the 1998-99 season, Smith was doing his local radio show in Kentucky when a woman called and essentially gave him a pep talk, telling him that things would be better the following year. Smith had just led his team to the Elite Eight a year after winning a national title. That's Kentucky basketball.

I think it's difficult to win a national title at any school, but when it's coupled with the spotlight and pressure at Kentucky, it can become an unbearable responsibility. But all three coaches mentioned above left for different reasons. Hall retired, Pitino wanted that NBA money and prestige, and Smith knew he'd risk getting fired if he didn't take Minnesota's offer. But I just don't think Kentucky is a job you want for 15, 20 years. If Kentucky's championship "drought" hits the 10-year mark during the 2021-22 season, the pressure could swallow Calipari, too.


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Found falling from an indescript book with no real relative purpose to this excerpt, after a librarian of Winya Ravana was perusing a subjectively dubious section...

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