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Will Quantum Computing happen in our lifetime?

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Does anyone know if this is even possible? Coins like QRL (quantum resistant ledger) only have one thing going for them: they can resist quantum attacks. Is this even a necessary feature at this point? 

I’ve read that we’re either 5-10 years away or several lifetimes away from this with no definitive answer. 

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How the current world describes quantum it is all bs.

The problem is currently the laws of physics don't back up what they claim it to be. Essentially have infinite data stored in what was a once binary singular spot. Now we can certainly spin particles in more than one direction at once but it is physically impossible to have a literal 0 and 1 in the same location ( both up spin and down ) at the same time and actually retain any data at all. ( this also applies to the computation increase side )

This fact is what most that are bright eyed about it are ignoring and they don't realize how if they were correct then we would have infinite computing power. If this was really to happen no coin in existence would actually be safe. Not in the way many think either. It is not that the network itself wouldn't be safe, it would arguably infinitely safe ( minor cavait could be argued about how long the nonce to find the next block can be ). The addresses however could be completely brute force searched at that point. So anyone could gain access to any address at that point.

So no "quantum" proof coin exists by the standards of how most have described quantum computing even that silly canadian company that google is working with. Also they will never achieve it too so I wouldn't worry.

Now we could gain multiple times in both storage and computing power with "quantum" like ideas ( spinning in more than one way ) however this never gets anywhere near the crazy talk of infinite and it can't because it physically isn't possible. With the multiple x increases it should be quite easy for all coins that have development to adjust ( if there is a need to increase address length / total address count ) so that it is not even worth attempting to brute force addresses.

We could be 5-10 years away from a multiple increase but expect the 2-4x range no crazy talk like is going around. However since most believe the craziness I suspect this will hinder us actually reaching those goals so it could even be farther off.


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