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How do you make money day trading in this market?

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Serious questions

1) Is there a valid technique or method to daytrading that I should try out if I want to get into it?

2) Is trading BTC/ETH on margin the best way, or is it something else?

3) Do you ignore the shitcoins and stick to major, huge coins only? 

4) Are you constantly switching between crypto and USD or stablecoins, since we are in a bear market? 

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I'm currently learning how to day trade on bitmex, I use 10-25x lev with 0.3 btc. It's really not that hard to use and do, trading the days ranges is easiest. Sometimes if your away putting short orders at resistance / longs at support works really well. I just use xbtc. 

I'm also using the Genesis Vision platform to invest in some forex and crypto traders. So far I have had 600USD profit from the programs im in.

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