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Hi Coin Site

I want to say first that I'm not actually aware of every single DAPP on the market at the moment, but one that has stood out constantly to me is the Genesis Vision platform. I want to ramble about the project for a little bit, I don't regularly write posts so I'm sorry if this is terribly formatted. This post is more about letting people know that there is actually some great Alt coins out there.

Description from their site is as follows "Genesis Vision is a decentralized asset management platform built on blockchain technology. It’s designed to connect people who want to trade (or access the investment landscape) with individuals who actually know how to trade. Genesis Vision investors trust their funds to Genesis Vision managers, who trade using the pool of attracted funds, subsequently sharing the resulting profit with all of their investors at the end of a set period (set individually by the manager)."


So basically, you can sign up as an investor or a manager. if you sign up as a manager you can open a program (or multiple) and trade in both crypto markets and forex using the Genesis Markets which they made for this exact purpose which has a bunch of exchanges integrated and MT4/5 software for trading. You can also create funds, at the time of writing, you are only able to create funds in Crypto. As an investor, you can invest Genesis Vision Token into these programs and funds. Genesis vision acts as the liquidity into and out of the programs. In the future, they are hoping to have some fiat gateways and other currency and GVT is bought and sold in the background and doesn't have to be managed by the average investor. This is where the value for the GVT token comes from. The more investors in the platform and more AUM the more GVT has to be bought and in doing so increases the demand of GVT and dramatically increasing the price as the supply is only. 4.4 million GVT. Currently ($4 USD / 0.0010405 sats). Number 156 on CMC. They have an application you can download and use, it works great but I'd recommend the web version as always.


There are hardly any bugs in the platform and the ones that are there are tiny and do not affect the overall performance of managers and funds. This is because they had a few testing phases with practice GVT on the app and web browser where they fixed bugs and gathered a bunch of information on how to make the UI more user-friendly and if there are any additional features anyone wants. 

There are programs making great profits Already in Forex and Crypto. The top program is ARK invest FOREX and has made 180% profit since the program began a few months back.

The top-performing Fund is currently a low fee tether fund unsurprisingly as it's been a long brutal bear market in crypto. The best the last month is a BNB hedge fund. 

They listen! The devs listen to suggestions on how to improve the UI and overall experience. With a big update in 2 days, we are expecting something nice. 

The levelling system - managers who make good profits level up and can manage more GVT / Money every manager starts at level 1 /2 and has to work their way up. Currently, the highest level is 4.

The transparency of the system - You can see all their performance, the good and bad trades. 


You can lose all your money if your not careful, as with anything but you need to choose a good program with a solid track record. You can see all their trades and all the information on their performance like Drawdown etc. The worst performing program so far has lost 97% of its value... ouch to those 5 investors. But that's why you should only invest in top-level programs and leave the risk-taking to others.

It will fail if no one uses it so that's the biggest risk, but considering how there are already people making money on the platform and you can already trade forex i'd say the risk is low with this happening. 

Hope you found this info interesting.

What it looks like - in order from programs / funds / dashboard 





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There's currently talk about updating the GVT tokenomics to be more like a GAS for the platform. Great idea. 

There's an AMA with CEO Dimitry 


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Somebody at work told me today that it would be highly unlikely that an old guy could fire that many rounds for that long. Anybody know the originator of that claim?

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I dont get why a 64 yr old guy could not pull it off alone. Easy to bring all gear into hotel, especially over several days. No bag inspections.

Nonetheless, if this item is reliable, Sherrif Lombardo disagrees:

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