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  1. Raymond Lowery: No fooling?: Modern heat gas guns are characterized by the high level of safety. They are equipped with special protection against the fuel leak and a system designed to prevent poisonings and self-ignitions. Therefore to use gas heat guns – completely safe procedure. From the beginning of use of the thermal equipment used in this role the area of use increases. Devices are equipped with an external grid because of which input in the tool of foreign objects is not allowed. As it was mentioned earlier, the equipment differs in absolute ecological compatibility. The heat gas gun can work in the most difficult conditions: hard frosts, high humidity, etc. Its use in the fastest terms provides the required temperature condition. Many prefer this device because of its autonomy and mobility: if there is no possibility of connection to the gas pipeline, it can be connected to a usual gas cylinder as a power source. At production of the equipment multistage quality control is carried out. Walter Fischer: What have I got to do?: Channel – fastening behind a false ceiling and by means of air ducts cooling several rooms. Cold supply of rooms is the choice of a system of the conditioner. Cassette – placed in a false ceiling and giving cold air through the lower surface with a decorative lattice. Hunter Hancock: No fooling?: It is important to know the main thing – what types of humidifiers exist. Traditional options. Such device, based on the simplest principle works: water is filled in in model capacity, and further gets on an element which makes evaporation. By means of the fan air emission is carried out at the expense of what there is a moistening. Such model has a number of advantages as does not create noise, and still it economic and simple in use. But to ensure effective functioning, it is necessary to install by a row the heating device – only then temperature will be indoors in norm limits. Steam. The principle of work of such model completely differs from standard options. In this case in a design special electrodes which heat water to the maximum temperature are built in, and further water just evaporates. After liquid completely evaporates, the device is just switched off. Steam comes out too hot therefore the humidifier, of course, is suitable for the house model, but it is impossible to establish it in the children's room.
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