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  1. Coins like Ethereum Classic should absolutely have dropped after the 51% attack, and it's mindblowing that it hasn't. They still hold their value because 51% attacks are expensive and only directly affect exchanges, not users.
  2. Was there an event that happened? Did volume of the exchange go up a lot so that the token would pay out more?
  3. They were "1 month away" from SDK release/side-chains years ago. Then all of a sudden they just kept releasing updates that didn't include their working product and acted like everything was normal. Seriously what happened? It almost feels like a scam at this point, 3 years of dev with no product and they forked from Crypti. They produce updates constantly like "Lisk Core x.x.x" or "Lisk Fancyname 9.0.5" and act like it's this major progress, but at the end of the day they are a development platform and nobody can use it as such. I'd understand if they had 6 members like some smaller projects, but their team is like 30+ people! The level of incompetence with this project is of the charts - either their devs are not competent enough to build the product, the product is not actually possible to build, OR at the very least - they are just terrible at communicating with their community. They'll defend that, saying they provide constant updates but the community has been asking for certain issues to be addressed ASAP (delegate cartel, SDK status, etc) and Lisk HQ just ignores these requests.
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