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  1. I think Ethereum will definitely overtake bitcoin within a few years. It has only existed for 4 years now, bitcoin has been around for over 10, and Ethereum is not far behind already.
  2. What are your picks? Starting now through Dec 2019. I personally think Nano will be hands down the best performing coin, if not this year than next year. It is so incredibly undervalued at the current price of $1.30/market cap ~175 mil.
  3. Binance coin doesn't even offer dividends/returns like Kucoin Shares or COSS does, so what gives? Why are so many people intent on buying BNB? How did it become so much more successful than other similar coins?
  4. Why would anybody choose Tron over Ethereum, or vice versa? What are some keys differences between them that I should know as a developer? I've heard Tron's gas price is much lower or free for non-smart contract transactions?
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