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  1. https://www.mmoga.co.uk/ https://www.mmoga.de/ https://www.mmoga.com/
  2. https://www.privateinternetaccess.com/
  3. New exchange will be launched with bitcoin cash as base pair: https://decrypt.co/8174/bitcoin-com-is-launching-a-bitcoin-cash-focused-crypto-exchange It will launch on September 2.
  4. A forum like this is very much needed. There are some other forums out there, but some are heavily censored, for example bitcointalk.
  5. https://www.aohostels.com/en/ https://www.adormo.com/ http://esconditetamarindo.com/ https://www.liberstad.com/ https://www.riddelltravel.com/#/home https://www.travala.com/
  6. Bitcoin cash is another candidate. Two years old and going strong.
  7. The Simple Ledger Protocol (SLP) is a new technology that runs on top of bitcoin cash. With SLP, tokens can be easily created at almost no cost at all. The tokens can represent anything: Stock, bus tickets, lottery tickets, anything. The possibilities are endless. Read more here: https://simpleledger.cash/ It is easy to try out BCH tokens, just use a SLP enabled wallet, such as the "badger wallet" or "Electron cash SLP edition". If you want to create your own tokens, use "Electron cash SLP edition". If you post your SLP address in this thread (starting with "simpleledger:"), I or someone else might send you some tokens to start with. Here is a block explorer for SLP: https://simpleledger.info/
  8. https://www.artisancoloring.com/
  9. https://vpn.ac/ https://njal.la/ https://airvpn.org/ https://shop.secpoint.com/shop/frontpage.html https://www.alfacoins.com/ https://www.fudmartng.com/
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