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  1. I was dissapointed when I didnt see the 100 movies viewed certificate And I still have 100/100 too Your Overall Score: 25 Total Movies Viewed:136 Your Rank:785 out of 3772 Specificity:100 Sensitivity:100 If you have any sort of concerns concerning where and ways to utilize How can I play Pubgmobile on my Mac or Is Dota 2 pay to win, you can contact us at the web-page
  2. just have to say...the name of this thread cracks me up...love it... speaking of hair...Timothys hair used to look bone straight...now looks curlier...whats up with that?... If you have any type of inquiries regarding where and ways to utilize Is 888 poker legal in Canada or What is the best way to predict weather, you can call us at our own page
  3. I got quite a few people in my family involved. My Dad and brother are working as a team and think they will be the first to find a particle.. I got my wife involved and well be working as a team and will be the first to find a particle
  4. Hi jsmaje, I am the culprit. I found the old topic and placed this thread in it. The good news about the comet maybe deserves two places to post. Thanks, fjgiie
  5. 30 is about right. The ratio would be better if we didnt have to click Out of Focus so often. But the team is trying hard and as the saying goes It is what it is. Happy Trails
  6. Found falling from an indescript book with no real relative purpose to this excerpt, after a librarian of Winya Ravana was perusing a subjectively dubious section...
  7. I think a pre-evolution of Spiritomb and Tropius would be cool. The Spiritomb could be called Potsoul. Like Luvdisc, I think Farfetchd should evolve. He is the third most useless pokemon ever.
  8. all Its good to be on this site and I look forward to some good info for the engine rebuld and t-bucket project my boys and I are starting.
  9. I just completed your interesting survey. Thanks for the opportunity to express my thoughts about the fundemental importance of astronomy and science in general; I hope you find it useful. Im interested to know what the survey is for...? Gerry
  10. based on the OS question, im kind of curious, and i dont mean excat model number more like generation, of course this is for your K6 or similar comp lol
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