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  1. And what about the perfect impression? Can they do so? Or just cleaning in any view and that's it? I think, it is not bad, but not good, as well.
  2. Speaking about several new opportunities to do so, it is necessary to mention the trading using different variants of currency. But to get more profit is necessary to have a clear understanding of the process itself. So after reading https://3commas.io/blog/how-to-build-your-own-crypto-trading-bot-guide I can work further with the great realization of the program itself. And the best solution is done here.
  3. I do not think so. The thing is that the main importance and effectiveness of Bitcoin is opportunity to earn and pay it online. Surely, it is not too simple to get profit here. But if you use the correct instructions like https://3commas.io/blog/try-crypto-screener-signals-with-3commas , it will not be a real problem any more. I tried and enjoyed the results.
  4. May be it is better to use the forecast assistants like https://3commas.io/ ? Surely, it is not too complicated to trade. But to trade and get income is rather different. That is the reason why a lot of people are ready to work with such type helpers.
  5. I do not sure that it is so. But, as for me, a lot of people can do it while trading. That is the reason why the main opportunity of cryptocurrency holders is found as the best in the area. So you can just work with https://3commas.io/ even if you are a newbie. And the result will be really great. As well as profit.
  6. I am only a newbie in the area. So I only start on this. But I was recommended to use https://3commas.io/ for this purpose. Does anybody know, is it a good idea? I started to use it and the results are not bad. So I plan to work with and share my opinion in a couple of months. But may be anybody already works with it and can comment.
  7. I have several questions more connected to the trading itself. The thing is that I am also a newbie in the area and read a lot of guides. One of them told about trading bots like to assist in getting profit quickly. Have you used it? Or may be have heard anything about it? Also I saw here the possibility of the daily trading. Who has used this type already?
  8. I think, it is OK to use it here. If you are talking about the observer, of course)
  9. Well, supply of what? I am not sure...
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