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  1. I am only a newbie in the area. So I only start on this. But I was recommended to use https://3commas.io/ for this purpose. Does anybody know, is it a good idea? I started to use it and the results are not bad. So I plan to work with and share my opinion in a couple of months. But may be anybody already works with it and can comment.
  2. I have several questions more connected to the trading itself. The thing is that I am also a newbie in the area and read a lot of guides. One of them told about trading bots like to assist in getting profit quickly. Have you used it? Or may be have heard anything about it? Also I saw here the possibility of the daily trading. Who has used this type already?
  3. I think, it is OK to use it here. If you are talking about the observer, of course)
  4. Well, supply of what? I am not sure...
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