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  1. HighAngel

    What do you think? BTC Store of Value T-Shirt

    I don’t love the shirt color, but the designs are awesome. If you made the shirt a darker color (navy blue?) and modified the designs a bit to fit with it, I think it would look better.
  2. HighAngel

    BTT airdrop

    Seems it’s another way for Tron to keep a ton of tokens for themselves. They are auto airdropping BTT to every address that holds TRX - massive amounts of it too (adding another 1% to the circulating supply this month). Great right? Well guess what...Justin Sun and Tron still own a massive amount of TRX in proportion to the entire supply. This means that they are being airdropped HUGE amounts of BTT in relation to others (hundreds of thousands of dollars worth). This method of airdropping is once again just in existence to make Justin Sun as rich as possible. Don’t let them fool you into thinking it’s something else.
  3. Anyone know the steps? If a just click fork on the Bitcoin GitHub right now, then run the code, it’s still me running Bitcoin. Say I change a few parameters (name and ticker only). Will it now magically fork the coin into a new coin if I run it? How do I get away from the parent coin and ensure my coin is unique?
  4. In the comments, you can state your reasoning. I own 9-15. Mainly, I have 3 big coins I like the best so I own a lot of those (85% of my portfolio) followed by another 8 or so coins that I have small amounts in just in case they moon/because I believe in the projects.