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  1. I feel like everyone does this to an extent. There's something about imagining different worlds, when the world we live in is so constant/we are so used to it, that is exciting.
  2. Like the ICO craze, only these are backed by legitimate company's value like a stock. I think if we start seeing big major tech companies holding STOs, it could trigger a huge rush for companies to try to fund raise this way. It's a really insane way of being able to trade stocks, and essentially provides all the benefits of crypto trading/crypto ownership (no brokers needed, don't need Vanguard or Robinhood to hold your stocks for you, YOU own them directly) with all the benefits of stocks (value based on valuation of the company). It might be a couple years before we see anything like that though.
  3. Alpha SDK is coming soon apparently, so we will see if they actually deliver. It's been a long 3 years...
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