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  1. It is clearly for the financial sovereignty. No ability for anyone to confiscate, censor, devalue. The highs we chase are because that is how it looks like it will end up 🙂 Perhaps it won't but this is seriously the first time in human history we have had such a seismic shift in the ability to control money. The invention on money here will be seen as a clear tipping point in changing everything moving forward. Many like the system we currently have, so it will take time. The inability to kill it is why it is going to win. Everyone will look back and go of course duh, we don't want politics to randomly change money on a whim or control who has access to it. Just my penny thoughts 🙂
  2. Well the key would be to change how your network works. For example not accepting ( running with your nodes/miners ) say BIP 148 ( Segwitt ) would fork your coin away. This is exactly why Bitcoincash forked as well as they also increased the block size amount which can no longer be compatible with Bitcoin. So you would need to do one of these technical changes to how the nodes run and what they accept / don't.
  3. Just got our Android Mobile App out give it a shot! https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=host.expo.rnpaperwalletchecker
  4. Just recently got a video up showing using the site: https://youtu.be/_l7jr9-o-NQ Also have a mobile app in development, the back end wiring is setup with some styling still in the works: https://expo.io/@1337ip/rnpaperwalletchecker Just on the right side click open in browser, then if it asks for a code type in "free". Once the emulator pops up it should look like the expo page just scroll down a little and click open app!
  5. MISSION STATEMENT, PLANS AND FEATURES Paper Wallet Checker https://www.1337ipjbp7u9mi9cdlngl3g5napum7twzm.com/ MISSION STATEMENT: Paper Wallet Checker (PWC) is designed to meet Andreas Antonopoulos’ standard of ‘even your mother or grandmother can use it’. Our goal is to be one of the tools that makes crypto technologies so easy to use its like email to non-technologists. FUTURE PLANS: Paper Wallet Checker is an open source project that provides an easy and secure way to check the balances of your paper wallets for seven of the most widely used cryptocurrencies. PWC plans to add more coins based on user input. One of the differences between PWC and some similar hobby projects is that the team is committed to improving and adding features to PWC. Below are a list of features that PWC is planning on making: * Native Andriod app of PWC * Adding More Coins to PWC * Adding transaction history option for addresses * Adding testnet address The team at PWC is also planning on making a similar paper wallet generator. Most paper wallet checkers and generators are not well maintained and only cover one or a few coins. Funds received from donations and advertising will be used to pay developers to add these features and maintain the app. In addition, if sufficient funds are received PWC plans to run full nodes for all the coins on the app. After that PWC hopes to provide an API for other developers to access these full nodes. With your help PWC can be an important app in making cryptocurrencies easy to use for both the technical and non-technical public. Github: https://github.com/1337ipJbP7U9mi9cdLngL3g5Napum7tWzM/PaperWalletChecker FEATURES: Paper wallets are known as one of the most secure ways to store your cryptocurrencies. When a user wants to check the balance of their paper wallets they are often forced to give up their private keys or register with a website or app. This reduces the owner’s anonymity and reduces the security of the owner’s funds. Paper Wallet Check solves these problems by only allowing users to enter public keys, by not requiring the user to register, and by using client side only code. Paper Wallet Checker (PWC) allows the user to enter multiple addresses. PWC verifies that the addresses are valid and not private addresses, before checking the balances. Once the addresses have been entered the user can choose to output the address to a spreadsheet. In addition, the user can provide PWC a spreadsheet to enter the addresses. This provides unprecedented ease of use. Once the addresses are entered the user can click on them and bring up a QR code. This allows users to receive funds easily and securely. PWC also allows them to check that the funds have been received. This feature is great for servers, taxi and uber drivers, and anyone who receives tips and remittances. March 25, 2019 UPDATE: We are proud to announce our Android Paper Wallets Checker! All the goodness of the web version now easily accessible from your phone! Please give it a try today and let us know what you think! https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=host.expo.rnpaperwalletchecker
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