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  1. This project has the potential to be huge if it catches on. It combines the regular web and decentralized web all into one product, which will make development so much easier for devs. If you compare this to other “Web 3.0” projects- EOS, ETH, TRX, ADA- the current market cap is insanely low. This could easily 50x or more after launch. Website: https://sentivate.com Price per token: $0.0049 Market cap: $14,100,000 USD Telegram: https://t.me/sentivate
  2. Coinsite

    Banano (BAN)

    https://www.coin.site/forum/71-banano-ban/ Added a separate subforum for Banano.
  3. The top two forums on Coinsite are a selection of subforums for discussing individual coins and tokens. If your project has an active community, we can add a new subforum to the home page to allow for discussion of your project on Coinsite. We reserve the right to choose which projects to list. If we do decide to add your coin or token, we request that you make an announcement on your social media pages linking to the new subforum for your project to help facilitate early activity of the subforum. In order to submit your coin/token/project, please send an email to support@coin.site with the following information: Project Name Short Description (2-3 sentences) Website Is your project a coin or a token? Logo (1000px by 1000px or smaller, square logos only) Twitter Links to Officiail Telegram, Discord, subreddit and/or other communities Please note: You must be on the team for the project in order to submit a request to add your project. Emails from non-team members will be ignored. If you want to suggest a project be added, you can post in the comments section of this post.
  4. Coinsite is a cryptocurrency discussion community that provides forums for discussing blockchain technology, cryptocurrency news, individual coins, cryptocurrency projects, Bitcoin, and more. Coinsite also allows users to create their own blogs and publish them for others to read. More detailed information for using the site will be published in future blog posts. If you have any questions while using the forums, send a personal message to the account "Coinsite" or email support@coin.site.
  5. Welcome to your new Invision Community! Congratulations on your purchase of our software and setting up your community. Please take some time and read through the Getting Started Guide and Administrator Documentation. The Getting Started Guide will walk you through some of the necessary steps to setting up an IP.Board and starting your community. The Administrator Documentation takes you through the details of the capabilities of IP.Board. You can remove this message, topic, forum or even category at any time. Go to the documentation now...
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